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West Carter Lady Comets soccer players include Kassidy Adams, Ragan Adkins, Tori Alexander, Katie Barker, Hadley Burchett, Amelia Henderson, Riley Madden, Chloe Marstiller, Emma McGlone, Autumn Middleton, Taylar Middleton, Jordan Porter, Kayleigh Rayburn, Breanna Robinson.

The West Carter Lady Comets are struggling with numbers this season. They started with 12 girls on the roster. In a sport that fields 11 players, the team will have to be super wary of the injury bug.

Despite low numbers, the Lady Comets are determined to make it a successful season. They finished last season 8-12-1 with hopes of improving and making it back to the regional tournament.

The Lady Comets are focused on teamwork and possession.

“We have worked on a lot of passing drills. We don’t want to be over running balls or chasing down balls when it could be something really simple. We are just trying to play really simple, play together and to play accurate,” said Coach Emily Hammond. “The girls have displayed really good team work, more so than what they have in the previous years. That is what is going to make us stronger, even with lower numbers.”

Hammond has taken over as head coach. This is her first year in charge of the Lady Comets program after stepping up from the assistant coaching position last year.

“It has been a learning experience for everyone. It has been difficult for me to be the sole decision maker, but I have really enjoyed stepping up into that leadership position. The girls have been really receptive to everything I have been teaching them. They have had to learn new formation, new positions and overall it has been very well received,” said Hammond.

Another aspect of the game that the Lady Comets have been learning is understanding each position and how best to move the ball up the field. These added skills will be crucial to this season’s success.

“We have conditioned way more than we have in past years, so we can stay on the field the majority of the game. We have learned to communicate better and to improve our passing. We have also learned all the positions on the field rather than just playing the ones we are used to, so we can help each other out,” said sophomore Jordan Porter. “We have really become a team.”

The Lady Comets lost leading scorer Addison Burchett. She scored 18 goals and tallied five assists during her senior season.

Returning to fill her shoes are Kassidy Adams, Hadley Burchett, Taylor Middleton, Jordan Porter, Katie Barker, Ragan Adkins and Kayleigh Rayburn. Each contributed at least one goal.

Adams stepped in as a freshman and scored 16 goals and tallied 12 assists. She leads the way having scored two goals and assisted one in the Lady Comets 4-0 win over Menifee County.

Hadley Burchett, Middleton and Porter each scored three goals last season. Burchett scored in the Lady Comets’ first win over Menifee.

Riley Madden will be playing in net this year. She split the net last season with Hallie Steagall. Madden made 71 saves last season.

As a leader of the Lady Comets’ defense, Steagall feels that this year’s team is going to rise to the occasion.

“We have come together as a team. We are looking pretty solid as long as we are talking and playing together. I think we can surprise people,” said Madden.

The Lady Comets started the season with a tie against Fleming County. They are 1-2-1 going in the fourth week of the season.

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