East Carter tennis was able to sneak in a few early season matches before the KHSAA issued a dead period.

Their first match was Monday, March 9 at home against Johnson Central.

In the Monday tennis match at East Carter Middle School, the East Carter girls won 7- 2. The boys tied 5-5.

In Singles, the girls’ Maria Hayes defeated Nada Sofyan 8-0, Aliya Lewis beat Diya Patel 8-4, Emma Moudy beat Kenzi Martin 6-0, and Kaitlyn Conley defeated Kelci Pennington 6-0. Audrey Tackett lost to Sidney Mullins 6-1 and Mary Sherrard lost to Farrah Montgomery 4-0 In boys’ singles, Noah Sammons lost to Drew Brown 8-1, Shawn Greenhill was defeated by Nathaniel Kumar 8-2 and Lane Moudy lost to Sanit Patel 6-1.

Wilson Tomaselli beat Ryan Finney 6-2, Tanner Osborne defeated Conner McKenzie 6-1 and Brant Harris beat Logan Triplett 6-3.

In Doubles the girls’ Emma Moudy & Aliya Lewis beat Sofyan & Patel 8-0, Maria Hayes & Kaitlyn Conley defeated Pennington & S. Mullins 8-0 and Audrey Tackett & Andrea Ferguson beat Martin & Tierza Salyer 7-5 In boys’ doubles, Shawn Greenhill & Noah Sammons beat Grant Bingham & Brayden Pickle 8-5.

Lane Moudy & Tanner Osborne were defeated by Scott Daniel & Hilal Sofyan 8-5 and Brant Harris & Venus Gutierrez lost to Brant Rice & Bryson Hackery 6-3.

The second match of the season was Wednesday, March 11 against Ashland.

In Wednesday’s tennis match at the Ashland Tennis Center, the East Carter girls lost 5-0. They now have a record of 1-1. The boys lost 3-2 and have a record of 0-1- 1.

In girls’ singles, Maria Hayes lost to Emma Hill 6-3 (6-2), Kaitlyn Conley was defeated by Abby Meek 8-0, and Shay Muse lost to Isabella Mahorn 8-0.

In boys’ singles, Wilson Tomaselli was beaten by

Mac Meek 8-1 and Brant Harris lost to Cameron Brown 8-0.

In doubles, Emma Moudy & Kaitlyn Conley lost to Elizabeth Davis & Hollie Hedrick 9-8 (7-3), and Audrey Tackett & Andrea Ferguson were beaten by Ella Sellars & Abby McGuire 8-0.

Coming from behind the boys’ duo of Shawn Greenhill & Noah Sammons beat Cody Camp & Peirre DeBray 3-6, 6-2, and 1-0 (10-7).

Lane Moudy & Tanner Osborne defeated Ryder Riggs & Troy Gardner 8-4.

Their home tennis match at East Carter Middle School, Mar. 11, against West Carter was cut short due to rain.

The East Carter girls were behind 4-3 with three matches still on court. West Carter had one boy who agreed to play several exhibition matches.

In girls’ singles, Maria Hayes defeated Kylie Gilliam 8-0, Emma Moudy beat Jaylin Kiser 6-0 and Kaitlyn Conley defeated Katie Barker 6 - 3.

Audrey Tackett lost to Kayleigh Rayburn 6-4, Andrea Ferguson was beaten by Macie Inskeep 6-1, and Shay Muse lost to Jayla Bailey 6-0.

In the boys’ exhibition matches, Wilson Tomaselli beat Josh Stapleton 8-0.

In the girl’s doubles, Jennifer Nguyen and Emily Layne were beaten by Jayla Bailey & Payton Steagall 6-0.

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