On March 9 East Carter High School's Morgan Rifles drill team participated in the 7th Brigade drill competition against teams from a five state region at North Hardin High School near Fort Knox Ky.

Jade Bloemer brought home 8th place in 'unarmed knockout' making her team very proud.

The Raiders Armed Platoon team brought home first place. Its members include Chase Burton, Makayla Gearheart, Brandon Kiser, Chris Sturm, Nathan Steele, Coby Handley, Shane Wilburn, Madison Holbrook, Michael Primm, Jade Bloemer, Ryan Barber, Zachary Holtsclaw, Andrea Savage, Dani Bryant with Senior Breanna Bush Commanding.

Unarmed Color Guard also found itself bringing home praise with a second place win. The four man team included Madison Holbrook, Michael Primm, Coby Handley and Dani Bryant Commanding.

Morgan's Rifles will travel to Richmond, Va. to participate against Army JROTC drillers from all across the country on March 30 and to Daytona Beach to compete against the best in the nation in all branches in May.

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