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Have you ever thought about what happens to the empty Coke cans and food takeout containers you toss in your recycling bins?


The rains dried up and the sun came out just in time for Grayson Lake's 50th Anniversary celebration last Saturday.

(RNN) - A train carrying approximately 10 million pounds of human waste is stuck in an Alabama rail yard, leaving about 1,000 nearby residents stuck with a foulness permeating their town.Containers filled with poop have sat for months in limbo in the town of Parrish, which is two hours north of Montgomery. To make matters worse, the excrement did not come from the town's residents. They want it gone.Waste management facilities in New York and New Jersey shipped loads of waste to Big Sky Environment, a landfill in Adamsville, AL, which is 24 miles southeast of the town.The neighboring town of West Jefferson filed and won an injunction against Big Sky in January to keep the sludge from a nearby landfill. As a result, it was moved to Parrish, where there are no zoning laws preventing it, and has sat there ever since.Parrish Mayor Heather Hall told CNN that as many as 250 containers have been sitting in a rail yard next to a baseball and softball field. The town is only two miles wide, so everything is within smelling distance.Hall expected the poop train to be moved out within days when it first arrived in February, she told WBRC. Last week, she met with Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and other state lawmakers to find a solution to the ongoing problem.She was assured by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management that the waste is not dangerous because it’s biowaste and not raw sewage."Other than it smelling absolutely terrible, I have to trust them that it's not going to hurt you," she told CNN.Temperatures in the area are expected to be in the low 80s by mid-April and will soon stay consistently in the 90s as summer arrives.Parrish is not the only town that has had to deal with that. In March, WBRC reportedmore railroad cars filled with waste were moved through Birmingham, AL, to an unknown location.Copyright 2018 Raycom News Network. All rights reserved.    

The federal Fish and Wildlife Service on Thursday declined 25 separate petitions to list a variety of species as endangered or threatened, including the high-profile Pacific walrus, which is contending with sharp climate change trends in the Arctic where it spends much of its life atop floes of floating sea ice.

AUSTIN — Flooding from Harvey may have focused attention on water quality, but experts say that some Texans were drinking contaminants long before the tropical storm hit treatment plants.

The Environmental Protection Agency plans to reconsider parts of an Obama-era effort to regulate potentially toxic waste known as coal ash, again siding with energy-industry efforts to slow or reverse standards put in place in recent years.