The editor:

What a wonderful tribute to the passing of that cold, concrete box that happened to be filled with warm and caring human beings. I wouldn't have necessarily realized that until I read the recent article by Michelle Brand.

Thank you for reminding us that all local businesses have similar characteristics and are an important part of our community's fabric, along with non-profit organizations and government agencies. The death of a business is real and painful for both employees and customers.

I once asked local attorney Jeff Scott if he had been busy lately and he responded, “I have to be - I have a family to support plus the families of my employees.”

That's an incredible amount of pressure to

put on our local business owners and we, as a community, have the opportunity to utilize these businesses and lessen that pressure.

We can do that!

The newly elected President of the Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce, Mitzie Haeberlin, has dedicated her term to the health and well being of our local businesses, with a goal of working together to make a difference.

Thank you, Michelle, for helping at least one person understand that local businesses offer much more than the lowest price for the goods and services we desire.

I hope we all can look at these stores of concrete and glass a little differently from now on.

Taking pride in Grayson,

Don Combs

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