Editor’s note: Lisa Mullins recently sent a letter to the editor about a ring lost by her father, Clyde Mullins, who currently lives in Menifee County Kentucky. Her letter is printed as it was presented to The Journal-Times.

God blessed me with a wonderful dad,

God also blessed a reunion between a man and his ring.

This is a story about my dad, it might give you chills or even bring a tear to your eye. Enjoy!!

My dad and the rest of his family used to live in Carter County, KY. Dad had graduated from Frenchburg High School in 1957. His graduating class was the last class to graduate from Frenchburg High School. Frenchburg High School? Remember a few months ago when an old building burned down in Frenchburg? The building was part of the old hospital and was the building where my dad went to school. Yes, this was the school in Menifee County before the Menifee County School system was formed. He began dating a young lady from Carter County and he gave his class ring to her as many young men do. The girl ended up losing the ring. Dad and his family moved out of Carter County and he and the girl stopped dating. Of course, Dad knew he would never see the ring again. End of story? No.

Well, a few weeks ago, Dad got a call that his ring had been found. You see, this young lady’s sister is living in the same house where the girl that lost the ring lived. They were remodeling the house, and in the process of tearing out the floors the ring was found laying on a block, not even in the dirt! It is figured that a critter probably found it in the yard and carried it there. Dad said he remembered the house and to his recollection it was pretty close to the ground. He said, “the children didn’t play under there or anything”, so he guesses a critter must have carried it there.

The sister remembered the ring being lost and knew who it belonged to. Not long ago she was shopping and ran into my dad’s youngest sister, Jeri. They started reminiscing and decided to exchanged phone numbers. When the ring was found, she called Jeri to find out how to contact my dad and she made the call to him. When Dad found out she had his ring, he was excited so he and mom drove to Carter County and picked it up. Amazing huh? Absolutely!! But even more amazing is just how the “stars lined up just right” for this to happen. Remember, this ring is now 60 years old and is from a school that no longer is in existence. What if she wasn’t the one who lived there? What if someone else found the ring? What if Dad had passed away? What if she hadn’t run into dad’s sister recently? What if the critter had carried it into the woods instead of under the house? So many different things could have happened.

I have never seen my dad wear a ring. He had a wedding band but my mother had taken me outside during church one Sunday, apparently, I was misbehaving. In the process of spanking me, her wedding band flew off her hand. They looked and looked and never found her ring so dad took his ring and resized it for mom. In 1969, I was 4 years old, my dad lost his right hand to an industrial accident. He had a prosthesis made and to make it appear more real, he had a ring made to wear on the artificial hand. He never really liked to wear that prosthesis. Instead he had a “hook” that he could do almost anything with, even tie his shoes. If mom had not lost her wedding band, dad would not have given his wedding band to mom, leaving no room for where he now wears his class ring.

My dad is my hero, in more ways than one. Not only is he my dad, but after he lost his hand, he still had a family to raise. He had to change careers and when I was 11 years old he was working as an insurance salesman and was out collecting the monthly premiums. He had stopped at a customer’s house and on his walk up to the house, he noticed a little 3-year-old girl climbing out the second story window to retrieve her bottle that she had thrown out on the roof. He tried to coax her back in the window but she kept coming and fell, just as he reached the edge of the house, she rolled off the roof. He caught her one handed and kept her from hitting concrete steps and ultimately saving her life. So, my dad is really a true hero!!!

This ring was $25 when it was originally purchased and dad still has the receipt where a very hard earned $5 deposit was made when it was ordered.

Miracle? In my opinion, yes! Some folks would say it’s only a ring. But to me and my hero it’s a true one of a kind treasure!

So not only did God bless me with a wonderful dad, God also blessed a reunion between a hero and his long-lost ring.

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