The editor:

The winter of 2018 has gotten off to memorable start. Rain and snow, compounded with the freezing temperatures, caused hazardous roads in most communities, including Boyd, Carter and Greenup Counties.

However, the road departments – as always – performed with a high level of professionalism and dedication. We cannot thank the state, county and city road departments enough for doing such an excellent job of salting, scrapping, and just generally attempting to keep the roads and highways free of ice and snow.

The road crews never hesitate to go out in the cold of night or to work around the clock if that is what is necessary to keep the roads as clear and safe as possible. They work many long hours in the cold to ensure that our roads drivable.

Despite our gratitude, most of us take for granted the job they do. Without the salt truck running all hours of the day and night and the workers diligently trying to keep ahead of the snow by keeping the roads and highways scrapped, our travel would be much more restricted and a lot less safe.

I do not share my appreciation often enough with the road departments so I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for their hard work and dedication. I encourage other citizens also to thank these workers for making our lives easier and for doing such an outstanding job.

Without them, residents would have felt more repercussions from the last week’s inclement weather conditions. We are also fortunate in knowing that they will be right back out there going over and above their job duties when the next winter storm blasts through.

Thank you to each of them.

Robin Webb

State Senator

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