The editor:

This is a letter of thanks to the three men who helped me on Sunday, May 6.

I was driving through the parking lot by Kings Daughters Medical Specialties on KCU campus – no orange cones were in place to warn of any danger ahead.

When I stopped to make a turn onto Carol Malone Boulevard, I found myself in a ditch surrounded by muddy water. I could not move forward or backwards.

Soon after I got stuck, Officer Dean Ison stopped and checked on me. I told him that, according to Triple A, a tow truck was on the way. Officer Ison said he would stay with me until the tow truck arrived. He was kind and helpful and it was a comfort to have him there.

As I waited, my kind neighbor Lee Lowe also showed up. He oversees the crews working on the pipelines. He took pictures and said he would meet with the people who created the mess. He also stayed with me until the tow truck arrived and then he met me at a car wash and cleaned the car and sprayed under it where gravel had accumulated.

The tow truck driver from Wolfe's was also kind and helpful. I appreciate the kindness of all these men.

Geraldine Burchett

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