The editor:

There is high praise for the Carter County Animal Shelter in your newspaper. I am disappointed that you didn’t mention the plight of stray, neglected cats. The shelter does not help cats because “it is not feasible to do so” according to Woody Maddix.

What I can’t understand is why the powers that be are so hard-hearted. Also, why don’t the animal lovers in Carter County take a stand and demand help for cats?

Everyone should be upset about the perilous conditions faced by cats and especially tiny baby kittens. What are the perils? Starvation, lack of medical care, dogs that kill them, humans that abuse and neglect them, and vehicles that run over them.

I recently rescued 22 cats from a cat hoarder because the county refused to help. All of the cats got medical care. Those that did not have to be euthanized were spayed or neutered and got their shots. This cost me $3,300 plus funds I provided to a person in Cincinnati who took most of the cats and is trying to find them homes.

Basically my helpers and I did the work and I have the expense for which the county should be responsible. While the county refuses to address the situation of overpopulation of cats, the problem grows by leaps and bounds.

Will you please do some research and tell us how many cats eventually result from one unspayed female? Also find out if the county is fulfilling its duty by state law. Is it fair to ignore the needs of cats? Print the results of your research. Balance your reporting.

Gerry Burchett


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