The editor:

Just an update on my collecting of information on the former Brickyard at Hayward and the Stone Quarry at Lawton.

A small pamphlet has already been printed showing the progress of the survey so far. Information and pictures will continue to be added as it comes in and it is hopeful that a complete book can be printed on the industry there and in the past at the Haldeman Brickyards and the Tie Yard at Enterprise.

The approximately 12 miles of Kentucky 174 from Hays Crossing to Olive Hill could very well have been one of the most important 12 miles in the Kentucky road system. Because either being on or connected by were two Brickyards in Haldeman, one Brickyard at Hayward, two Brickyards at Olive Hill, a stone quarry at Lawton, a crusher at Lawton, a tie yard at Enterprise and lumber mills in between.

I would like to think of the twelve-mile loop as being the Industrial, Historical, and Memorable 174 loop from Hays Crossing to Olive Hill. I would like to welcome any articles, pictures, and names of others who worked in these communities and the schools that were in existence along this route such as Soldier High School, one room schools and Lawton Elementary School.

Write Lloyd Dean, 6770 U.S. 60 East, Morehead, Ky. 40351.

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