The editor:

This "bicycle bill" purports to make it safer for bicyclists and vehicular traffic on Kentucky roadways.

In reality, this bill would make it safer for neither. This law requiring vehicles to allow a distance of three feet when passing a cyclist on the left, allowing vehicle operators to cross the center line to do so, plus allowing cyclists to travel on the right side of the highway rather than the shoulder, is a dangerous piece of legislation.

Many Kentucky highways are quite narrow, with abrupt hills and blind curves. These roadways were constructed for use by one motor vehicle in each direction, with little space for a cyclist.

Impatient drivers may choose the risky measure of crossing the center line to pass a bicyclist, only to find themselves face to face with an oncoming vehicle. A resulting accident could cause injury or even death to the occupants of both vehicles, in addition to the cyclist. If the driver elects to wait for a clear road to pass the bicycle, road rage may be the result.

Frankfort has legislated against use of dirt bikes, four wheelers, and other off road vehicles on Kentucky highways, using the "unsafe" argument to do so. Is a bicycle any more safe than one of these vehicles? In my experience, I've seen many on the road but never been made to slow down for one of these banned vehicles, but have driven behind a cyclist, waving a lycra covered bottom at me, for quite some distances. If off road vehicles are unsafe and discouraged on Kentucky roadways, why should a bicycle be under different rules?

So I repeat, this bill will not make it any safer for cyclists or motor vehicle operators and passengers.

SB 56 is a politically correct piece of paper that is solidly into the "feel good" political climate of the left. Robin Webb lives here, she should know better than to perpetrate this eyewash.

Please oppose SB 56.

Dan Long


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