The editor:

Let us not forget to give thanks to God the Almighty this Thanksgiving for his unbounded mercy, love and grace, especially at the Rudy Fest.

Give thanks to and for all the firemen, swift water personnel, Rudy Fest staff and countless people who helped with the evacuation and rescue at the Carter County Fairgrounds on June 23, 2017, which flooded before anyone realized that they were in a flash flood and grave danger of dying.

A wall of water came rushing down the valley on July 4, 1939, 78 years ago, washing our home and the Gregoryville Christian Church down the valley where the Carter County Fairgrounds is located. This storm was a water surge, rather than a wall of swift, raging flood water.

There would have been many, many lives lost if Rudy Fest had been like the 1939 flood, because the US 60 bridge over Barrets Creek would have clogged with campers, trucks and cars, logs, brush, etc., forming a lake. There were many campers, autos and trucks lost, but not like the flood of 1939.

This venue is still safe for livestock shows, corn maze, mud tracks, and one day events; however, a permanent venue location must be found if Grayson is going to attract the number of tourists with campers who will come for a week or longer as at the other location west of Grayson.

David G. Littleton


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