The editor:

We need the two percent library tax in Carter County.

We have alcohol beverages in each of our two cities, that were voted on. One doesn’t hear about Christians and non-Christians complaining about that! But you mention a tax to fund our two libraries, a tax on our properties, and a lot of citizens are upset!

Well, the other day, my computer was down, I was doing a Bible study, and I knew I could have found it. So I called my local library and asked the clerk to search their computer.

(Yes, all libraries have computers and a lot of our citizens don’t have one, so there is another reason that Carter County needs its two libraries.)

I suggested to her to type in the few words that I knew that were in the Bible verse. She did this, and immediately it came up on the computer. The Bible book and verse! This is another reason that we need our two libraries.

Anyone that is against having the two libraries is working from the power of darkness, that tries to suppress our citizens' knowledge of anything that could help them.

Deanna D. Dunaway

Olive Hill

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