The editor:

I was ready to scream FAKE NEWS at the sight of my name being saluted in last week’s paper, but after calming down a little, I decided to use my energy to do a little saluting myself.

I was honored and humbled to be appointed Chairperson by Mindy Woods Click, Grayson Tourism Commission Chair, but not sure I was capable. Luckily, as in most big events, there are many people doing the detail work to make the many parts of the overall event come together for a wondrous experience. These are the folks deserving their names in bold type.

I will attempt to name a few (I will apologize in advance for neglecting to mention many more) that I am particularly indebted to:

Maggie Duncan, who coordinated the many aspects of the weekend and made sure the details were taken care of.

Kara Johnson, President of the Grayson Chamber of Commerce, who produced a great Parade, as well as many other events during the weekend.

Cherie Caulley & Mary Richardson, who have been involved since the first Hometown Holidays attempt, when things didn't always go so well, but kept the faith and never gave up.

I have never seen a group so enthusiastically work toward being a part of this event, as the Grayson Fire Dept always does.

New events & groups who stepped up to be a significant part of the weekend.

Our newspaper editor, who represents…

All in all, The Wonder of the Season was clearly revealed to me last weekend - from the masses of children’s faces amazed by the many cartoon characters, including Santa Clause to the various interpretations of the Christmas Story - Children’s Dance to Handel’s Messiah and many in-between.

If this isn’t the essence of life in our little town, I can think of a better vision.

Thank you for this opportunity Grayson!

Don Combs

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