The editor:

As director of the Bethany House I always want to thank all who help us in any way. This time of year it seems especially appropriate to do so.

But after our Pastor, Rev. Jeremy Traylor delivered a recent message reminding us that "We are constantly to have an attitude of gratitude," it is with that attitude that I hope to face each day of the entire year. We all have so much to be thankful for. Our faith, family friends, our community, our country.

I would, however, like to thank some that have assisted us here at the Bethany House most recently.

I would like to thank all the local folk that give us donations of good clothing and household items that we either resale or give.

Also, to the Mayor Jerry Callihan for helping us obtain a trash dumpster, and to Carl William Burton for making the dumpster usable. This has been such a help to us.

I would like to thank all the board members that give of their time and talent. Robert Caummisar, Chairman, Ben Thompson, Treasurer, Father Michael Flanigan, Sec. and Wilma Wells, Eileen Stephens, Louise Henderson, Rita Cartee, Joelle Kiser, Shelly Smith, Eric Johnson, Laura Eckland, and Greg Collinsworth, members.

Our volunteers that work everyday to prepare the food baskets for 275-300 families a month are amazing people. But nothing could happen without our food haulers and handlers. Dan Perry, Bill Perry, Von Perry, Christian Perry, Greg Collingsworth, and Ben Thompson.  Many more have assisted throughout the year, but these folks endure the hottest and coldest weather to work for the Bethany House.

To everyone that has been here so much, I give you many thanks.

I would urge anyone interested in their community and helping serve others just to visit us at the Bethany House. We are located at 539 Hitchins Ave. (the old Erie School Cafeteria building).

We are open Monday and Friday until 2 p.m. and Wednesdays until 12 for food pantries. Please come and see what we do here, we hope you can get involved if possible. You may reach us at 606-286-5045.  This program has been serving Olive Hill and Carter County since 1982, many people have worked many hours and for that I hope everyone can know the Bethany House certainly had an attitude of gratitude.

Blessings and Thanks,

Judy Roark

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