The editor:

Hello, I have spent a lot of money on land to build my new home across the road from this site and have just learned of what's coming.

This is not a great idea for the people around it or traffic in that area. This site is next door to a dairy farm and at a very worrisome place due to nearly every rock truck coming and going in the region. It's at Iron Hill and will be seen from every home in area. Which makes me very upset for many reasons.

I believe you can do whatever you chose with you property, junk collecting, farming, business, or whatever, but when it affects public heath and safety, the public should have a say in it. The accidents that will happen from time to time carrying this waste will pose tons of liabilities and danger to area and emergency personnel.

The property values near this place will certainly go down along with home sales in general. Which personal really hurts I don't care if they're keeping waste there. The huge problem is they're transporting it near our homes and children every day.

Whoever has approved the permits and possibly kept this on the down low will have to answer for it. So maybe we can move location for medical waste next door to them or their children.

George Vance

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