In a time of relative peace and prosperity, why does President Donald Trump have the lowest approval rating in modern history?

We came up with 16 likely reasons, including:

Threatening to use deadly force against potential rock-throwing protestors in the approaching immigrant caravan from Central America.

Mobilizing active and reserve military units to turn back that pitiful gathering of sick, tired and hungry refugees yearning to breathe free in America.

Referring to those homeless, desperate families and individuals as “invaders” and ordering additional thousands of combat troops to “defend” our border.

Intruding on the grief of the Pittsburgh Jewish community in the aftermath of the synagogue slaughter and inciting street protests from those who demand that he denounce white nationalism.

Showing little inclination to get involved when crude pipe bombs are mailed to those who dare to criticize the man in the White House.

Blaming the “fake” news media for every social and political problem in the country.

Accusing Democratic candidates falsely of wanting open borders to give free access to terrorists and other undesirables from other countries.

Politicizing all major social problems as either Republican-solved or Democrat-caused.

Spreading nationalism so boldly and broadly that he eagerly started calling himself a nationalist.

Embracing foreign leaders who buy billions in U.S. weaponry while political opponents in their countries disappear and often are killed.

Repealing environmental protections and ignoring legitimate climatological science while the planet gets warmer and warmer and the weather more extreme.

Refusing to be a comforting, consoling public figure in times of national crisis, unlike all or most of his predecessors in the Oval Office.

Spending millions of tax dollars to barnstorm the country to passionately campaign for GOP Senate and House candidates in the mid-term elections.

Refusing to even acknowledge problems with gun control in the wake of horrific mass shootings.

Misrepresenting himself as having the authority to end birthright citizenship, a right clearly guaranteed by the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In our opinion, he has no interest in learning how the presidency should function and is totally obsessed with the power of his office.

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