There is a great opportunity upon us when it comes to supporting the Carter County Public Library.

The library is holding a book sale during the Memory Days celebration in downtown Grayson. But this isn't just any book sale, if you purchase a book during the book sale, you are entered into a lottery that gives you a chance to take home an autographed copy of John Grisham's 'The Rooster Bar.'

How awesome? The story in how the library got their hands on a Grisham autographed book is pretty cool, too.

Reporter Jeremy Wells detailed how Olive Hill library branch aide Larisa Biggs Tackett is the daughter of Carter County Librarian Nellie Middleton, and that Middleton is a super fan of Grisham, as are we. When Grisham was at a speaking event in Lexington, Tackett explained, she decided to treat her mother with tickets. Tackett went along with her and the signed volume was included with admission.

'Mom ... is a huge John Grisham fan,' Tackett said. 'Every book he had come out, I can remember going all the way to Lexington to (a bookstore) to get whatever the newest one was when they'd come out. She's always read him, she loves him, huge fan."

We are big fans of Grisham, too. Our personal favorite from Grisham is actually a non-fiction piece called “The Innocent Man,” which was recently turned into a six-part documentary series on Netflix. It is amazing if you haven't had a chance to see it.

Anyways, in an act of generosity, Tackett decided giving Grisham fans a chance to win the autographed book via the book sale would make for a good way to support the Friends of the Library. We agree and are thankful for this act of kindness aimed at helping support the library.

The book sale takes place on Friday, May 24 and Saturday, May 25, from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day, on the second floor of the Grayson Branch of the Carter County Public Library, 116 West Main Street in Grayson. Entries are limited to one per person, with the purchase of a book or DVD.

For more information you can find the Friends of the Carter County Public Library, online on Facebook, or you can email them at

Membership in the Friends of the Library starts at $5 per year for an individual membership.

Residents of Carter County know the library is a valuable asset and that there was a time where there was no library in the county. In 2008, Olive Hill and Grayson made the investment for a public library and they were joined by the Carter County Fiscal Court and the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives. These four groups support a public fixture that was for a time absent.

The book sale is a great way to support the library. Libraries are critically important to growing, thriving communities. They also serve as community centers and offer important resources for bettering oneself.

As the county looks at growing in the coming years with the arrival of Braidy Industries nearby, having a viable library will be a great recruitment tool for growth and economic development.

We encourage anyone who can to support the library, and we commend the library's leadership on putting in place a mechanism for making this far more than a book sale for those who love literature.

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