We don’t always agree with the personnel decisions made by President Donald Trump but this time he got it right.

He nominated Kelly K. Craft, the current U.S. ambassador to Canada, to serve as our next ambassador to the United Nations.

The President said Craft, a Kentucky native, 'has done an outstanding job representing our nation' and he has 'no doubt that, under her leadership, our country will be represented at the highest level.'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc-Connell, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton all supported Craft to replace Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina, who resigned at the end of 2018. Bolton himself held the UN post during the George W. Bush presidency.

McConnell described Craft as 'an exceptional choice for this critical post.'

He added, 'She has a long record of service to her state and the nation and I'm confident she will continue to serve with distinction as America's voice to the world at the United Nations.'

Craft, a graduate and former trustee of the University of Kentucky, was a member of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. General Assembly under President George W. Bush.

As ambassador to Canada, she helped facilitate the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement and improve relations between the U.S. and Canada, our longtime trading partner and ally.

Once confirmed by the Senate, America’s new UN ambassador will be dealing with a long list of challenging foreign policy issues involving the UN Security Council, including Afghanistan and Venezuela.

France's U.N. Ambassador Francois Delattre said she looks forward to working with Craft.

'…I hope that Ms. Craft will continue to be a bridge between Washington and the UN at a time when we more than ever need an America that is engaged with the UN in world affairs…” Craft is married to coal-mining executive Joe Craft, chief benefactor and namesake of the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University.

She would become the highest profile Kentuckian in the foreign service since the late John Sherman Cooper served as ambassador to India and later to East Germany.

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