The unprecedented, public and gory battle is over. Brett Kavanaugh is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court but the war may be far from finished.

The outcome was just what Sen. Mitch McConnell confidently predicted nearly a month ago.

The carefully-laid plan to confirm the new associate justice on the strength of Republican votes in the Senate hit a few potholes along the way but eventually worked as envisioned by McConnell and President Donald Trump.

The result is that the high court’s conservative majority is guaranteed to last for years to come.

For McConnell, it is being interpreted as a personal victory of epic proportions but not without possible consequences.

It was McConnell, as Senate majority leader, whose power and influence kept former President Barack Obama from filling a high court vacancy in 2016 as his term was ending.

Kentucky’s senior senator argued that a lame-duck president should not be able to add someone to the court who could change the political balance.

At the time, the GOP was winning or losing court decisions on 5-4 vote margins before the death of Associate Justice Antonio Scalia.

By stalling the confirmation process, McConnell and company were able to put Neil Gorsuch into the vacant seat in 2017.

With four conservative justices assisted by swing votes from Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, the 5-4 decisions began to shift more to the liking of the White House, Senate Republicans and big GOP donors.

But then Kennedy retired and opened the door for the GOP and Trump to secure their 5-4 advantage by appointing Kavanaugh, another conservative.

Despite despicable campaign tactics by individuals and organizations supporting and opposing Kavanaugh, the GOP triumphed, 50-48, and the new justice was sworn in immediately.

Protesters swarmed the Supreme Court building later Saturday to vent their anger at the result but dozens of them were hauled away by Capitol police.

The issued had been decided and the rule of law had prevailed.

In our view, everyone involved in the Kavanaugh fracas should hit the reset button and get on with their lives.

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