Olive Hill has received a positive update regarding its plans to upgrade its water system.

This is good news for the city. The state has not red flagged any of Olive Hill's engineering plans for the upgrade.

This means the city can get started on a massive update to its water system, which includes a new water treatment plant, new meters and technology that will help improve its efficiency in the delivery of water. The city has been losing a remarkable three fourths of the water it produces and experts also tell city officials the water plant itself is beyond its useful life span.

Brandon Marcum with Harshaw Trane -- the company guiding the city through the water upgrades -- said the state praised the city recently for its proactive approach in addressing the problem.

We agree with this assessment. We've said it before and we will say it again: one of the most critical issues facing rural cities and communities is now the reliable delivery of water to citizens and businesses. We look forward to following this project closely. The installation of this new water infrastructure is a very important story because, with solid water infrastructure in place, so comes the potential for growth and economic viability.

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