My name is Glenn Puit. I'm the regional editor for Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc., which is the owner of the Grayson Journal-Enquirer and the Olive Hill Times. I'm writing today to let you know about some changes to the newspapers, all of which are aimed at improving the product and implementing a long-term plan for success for the newspapers in Carter County.

The first and most important thing you need to know is that we are committed to this community for the long haul. We at CNHI know how important the newspapers are to Grayson, Olive Hill and Carter County. All of the changes I'm writing about, then, are aimed at achieving two goals — one, that the papers be the best they can possibly be, and two, that the newspapers are always here, serving the community, for generations to come.

These newspapers have a long and glorious history in Carter County.

Our mission is to make sure this continue.

When it comes to local news, the most immediate change you will notice is that I am going to be taking over responsibility for our news product and content. I will be working with our veteran reporter Jeremy Wells to craft these newspapers week in and week out, both in print and digitally. It is my belief that the Journal-Enquirer and Times do a good job in covering local news, but we can do better. Thus, I'm going to be taking responsibility for the content provided to you, our readers, in these newspapers.

What you will get with me as the editor is a commitment to making sure these newspapers represents the interests of this community without fear or favor. We will provide the news and ask for nothing in return. A top priority for us is to make sure the taxpayer's money is well spent. We will focus on the efficiencies of our local government with the taxpayer in mind. Public dollars are scarce. It is a newspaper's job to stay on top of the issue because doing so benefits the community in the long run.

We will do everything possible to tell the stories that matter to our readers. Is there a story you wish we covered in the past but didn't? Is there a wrong that needs to be righted? A community event that needs to get in the paper? We will do our best to get it covered. We will be willing to do the tough stories when necessary. We will go where the facts take us. We want to offer diverse papers that cover both hard news and features, so if there is a story idea you are seeking coverage for, please email me,, or Jeremy Wells at

Another change we are making is we are revamping our Opinion page. I will now be writing the editorials and we will be providing a mix of local and Kentucky-centric columns. We want to write about truly local matters and we want to hear from you. Would you like to write a guest opinion? A column about a local issue? The opinion page is the place where people should have a right to express their opinion about local issues. Thus, this space is for you. We have taken a number of steps recently to improve the newspapers’ financial position. They are difficult changes but they are necessary. At the center of this is the closure of our rented office space in Grayson. This was done, quite simply, to save money and improve the financial position of the newspaper. It was a painful but necessary step. The service, to you, our customer, should not be impacted in any way. If it is, call me and let me know.

Jeremy and I are here to serve you. My direct line is (606) 326-2648.

The changes in the papers will be gradual. They will take time. But, in short order, we intend to make these the best newspapers they can possibly be, and we thank you for your support.

Glenn Puit can be reached at or by telephone at 326-2648.

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