We have been on a mighty coffee kick in recent days after purchasing a couple of bags of coffee beans roasted fresh in Grayson and offered for sale at Olive Hill’s “The Drive In.”

The bad thing about fresh-roasted coffee? After only a few cups it spoils you for anything else.

I had become a bit of a coffee enthusiast while living away from Kentucky, and brought my French press and grinder home with me when I returned several years back. With whole bean choices limited to whatever was on the shelf at the nearest grocery or super store, however, it didn’t take long to go back to buying cheaper types of coffee.

We caught wind of someone with a start up coffee-roasting operation in Grayson a couple of weeks ago, and just happened to call Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters founder/owner Will Stevens as he was passing by.

The newspaper office has had a wonderful aroma since, as we’ve been exclusively grinding and brewing up those beans. I even came in early one day so I could enjoy a cup of the good stuff, rather than drink what I had at home!

Winter coat

I'm sitting at my desk, actually shivering from the cold after my Monday morning drive into Grayson.

I have to find my winter coat, which has been in the back of the Buick underneath the pile of possessions which have stacked up since last Christmas when every day involved multiple journeys to and from hospitals and other facilities.

I’m actually afraid of what I will find in the pockets of that coat, such as a dried out pack of cigarettes. I’m sure the heavy jacket will stink like cigarettes, regardless, and I won’t be able to stand it.

I may take an easier path and invest a whopping $5 for a gently-used coat at the Hippo Valley Mission Store on Main Street in Grayson.

I-64 black bear

I received an unusual note first thing this week, advising a small black bear was laying dead on the side of Interstate 64 in Carter County.

I must admit, I was not sure how to handle the information.

Black bear sightings have become more common in the area, but the creatures have not become a problem, at least as far as I have heard. I have talked to people who have amended their habits about leaving garbage out for pick up, due to bears helping themselves and making a mess, but remain unaware of any threat to people.

The photo of the dead bear almost made the story a little too real. It also forced me to recognize that some unfortunate motorist likely had a heart-stopping moment in the early morning hours.

Opening on Main Street

The staff at McCloud Eye Care Center are officially moved into their new space and welcome guests to join them for an open house event from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. November 17.

Located at 205 East Main Street, guests will get to look around the new shop and enjoy food and door prizes, along with discounts on merchandise.

I’ve been watching as the new eyecare center as it has been built, and believe it is an excellent addition to downtown Grayson.

Olive Hill photos

I was not able to follow up on my plan to revisit Olive Hill in search of photos. Weather patterns and my professional schedule conspired against me last week, but I remain undaunted.

What I’m really after are scenes which can be used to document Olive

Hill’s ongoing rebirth and rejuvenation.

Instead of focusing only on the remaining damages from flooding in 2010, I hope to spend a few minutes taking pictures of people on the job, working on the streets and behind the scenes, as well as serving meals and tending to customers.

I know I will be taking photos at The Drive-In for a story planned for publication next week, but otherwise remain open to suggestions. If you can help point me toward others who meet the description “hard working people working hard,” please shoot me a note.

Tim Preston can be reached at tpreston@journal-times.com, or by telephone at (606) 4745101.

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