We enter what is likely to be an historic and critical year for our country. It is a country deeply divided with bitter elements in both divisions.

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I don’t know if you watched last Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee as it began its portion of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s behavior and alleged abuse of power. From polling I’ve seen, most people have already made up their minds. That’s a shame because the debate…

If you’re young with any interest in civic affairs, history, government or politics, here’s some simple advice. “Pay attention!”

By all accounts it was a bad week for President Donald J. Trump as some of his own appointees seemed to confirm a “quid pro quo” proffer to the newly elected president of the Ukraine. If President Volodymyr Zelenskiy wanted a White House meeting and the release of some American missiles, he …

Since Donald Trump’s unlikely election, critics have warned time and time again about undermining the legitimacy of the U.S. election system.

There’s something spooky about writing a Halloween column about our state and national political goblins, some of whom will be on Tuesday’s ballot. And if you are frightened by what you see in Frankfort, you are likely scared out of your wits watching what’s going on in Washington.

Have you ever thought about what happens to the empty Coke cans and food takeout containers you toss in your recycling bins?

One of the many bad aspects in the “Green New Deal” is that all of this arrives on the political scene at a time when the price of producing energy from fossil fuels is lower than at any time before in human history.

The longest economic recovery on record and a state unemployment rate of 4.3% sounds like a strong foundation for Kentuckians’ prosperity. But a close look at the numbers this Labor Day shows an economy where many Kentucky communities still lack jobs, especially quality jobs families need to…

The main solution to climate change is well known – stop burning fossil fuels. How to do this is more complicated, but as someone who studies energy modeling, I and others see the outlines of a post-fossil-fuel future: We make electricity with renewable sources and electrify almost everything.

In mid-July 2019, Oakland, California, became the third U.S. city to ban municipal departments from using facial recognition technology. Meanwhile, Congress began hearings on whether and how to regulate it on a national level. In a surprising moment of bipartisan consensus, the only thing la…

As director of the University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies, I regularly talk to people about how they can use data to help their communities thrive.

Wandering through the grocery store, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the numerous brands and health claims on the dozens of sugar substitutes. It can be particularly confusing for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes who must keep their blood sugar in check and control their weight.

Recently, the NFL conducted its annual draft. If you’ve ever watched it, you know there’s much fanfare and excitement surrounding the announcement of who’s chosen for which team. The room goes quiet and all eyes are on the commissioner as he reads the name of the next person selected for a h…

Soybeans may not seem all that useful in a war. Nonetheless they’ve become China’s most important weapon in its ever-worsening trade conflict with the U.S.

Rural people and issues generally receive little attention from the urban-centric media and policy elites. Yet, rural America makes unique contributions to the nation’s character and culture as well as provides most of its food, raw materials, drinking water and clean air. The recent preside…

Politicians of all stripes endeavor to sound serious and thoughtful about problems confronting our body politic and the future.

Recently I wrote a column about my experience attending the 2018 Kentucky Derby, which was the rainiest Derby Day on record. This allowed me to witness history while simultaneously experiencing what it feels like to be in a relentless monsoon of epic proportions.

The shape of the May 21 Democratic primary for governor became clearer Wednesday night as the three major candidates held their first debate.

A good bit of Appalachia, especially Eastern Kentucky, is buzzing with the news that the $1.7 billion Braidy Industries aluminum mill has now secured partial project funding. This funding announcement dramatically shifts the building of the mill to a state of highly probable, as opposed to p…

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is going after teachers again, this time subpoenaing records of those who called in sick to protest changes in their pensions. It’s much different from the way another Republican governor many years ago dealt with teachers and what it cost him.

Like most people, I’d hoped the report of special counsel Robert Mueller would provide a reasonably clear answer to questions about whether Donald Trump “colluded” with Russians interfering with the 2016 election or committed obstruction of justice.

I listened to a lengthy presentation last week by Braidy Industries Chief Executive Officer Craig Bouchard about the aluminum and metal alloys mill Bouchard’s team plans to construct at EastPark Industrial Center. 

My name is Glenn Puit. I'm the regional editor for Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc., which is the owner of the Grayson Journal-Enquirer and the Olive Hill Times. I'm writing today to let you know about some changes to the newspapers, all of which are aimed at improving the product and impl…

FRANKFORT – I shed a few tears after corporate managers at AK Steel confirmed our worst fears this week. The Ohio-based steel giant would permanently close the Ashland Works, the venerable steel mill that brought good-paying manufacturing jobs to northeastern Kentucky for nearly a century.

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