Book lovers are an interesting lot. Sure, you can fit hundreds of books on a reading device like a Kindle or other tablets, but it isn't the same as holding a book in your hands, feeling the weight, and smelling the paper. It doesn't look good sitting on your shelf like a real book either, and it can be tricky to share with a friend.

Getting your device autographed isn't as easy or cool as having your book autographed either.

If you're a fan of books, and of autographed volumes, the annual Friends of the Carter County Public Library book sale might be of interest to you. The book sale, which takes place each year during the Memory Days celebration in downtown Grayson, is offering book lovers the chance to take home an autographed copy of John Grisham's 'The Rooster Bar' as part of the event.

Every person who purchases a book during this year's book sale will be entered into a raffle to win the volume, courtesy of Olive Hill library branch aide Larisa Biggs Tackett.

Tackett, the daughter of Carter County Librarian Nellie Middleton, explained that she wanted to use her copy of the book to help draw attention to the Friends of the Library book sale. While she enjoys Grisham, she said it's her mother who is the super fan and that is how she ended up with her copy of the book.

When Grisham was at a speaking event in Lexington, she explained, she decided to treat her mother with tickets. Tackett went along with her and the signed volume was included with admission.

'Mom ... is a huge John Grisham fan,' Tackett explained. 'Every book he had come out, I can remember going all the way to Lexington to (a bookstore) to get whatever the newest one was when they'd come out. She's always read him, she loves him, huge fan. It was November of 2017, he was in Lexington, him and Sue Grafton ... at a speaking event. They were going to be that close ... So I got tickets, and the tickets came with an autographed copy of his new book at the time, The Rooster Bar. Every ticket got a copy.'

She liked having the signed Grisham novel in her collection, she explained, but felt that it really deserved to be with a true Grisham fan like her mother. But since Middleton already had her own signed copy, Tackett decided giving Grisham fans a chance to win it could be a good way to support the Friends of the Library while also making sure the book ended up in a good home.

'(Mom) loves John Grisham. Hers will probably end up in a glass display case some day,' Tackett teased. 'I like a couple of his books really well, but I am not the fan that she is. This was all just for momma.'

If you are a fan, like Middleton is, and you didn't make it to the 2017 Lexington event, the Friends of the Library Book Sale is your chance to take home Tackett's copy.

The book sale takes place on Friday, May 24 and Saturday, May 25, from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day, on the second floor of the Grayson Branch of the Carter County Public Library, 116 West Main Street in Grayson. Entries are limited to one per person, with the purchase of a book or DVD.

For more information you can find the Friends of the Carter County Public Library, online on Facebook, or you can email them at

Membership in the Friends of the Library starts at $5 per year for an individual membership.

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