West Carter's archery team is getting ready for state level competition. It's no big surprise that their coaches expect them to do well at the competition later this month. The team has dominated most of their regional competitions this year, assistant coach Jackie Gilliam explained.

In one of their first competitions of the season, in Pulaski County, the team took the team award for the most awards overall. The high school boys took all three places in traditional archery, with Kody Cline in first, Darrell Turner in second, and Tristan Kitchen in third. The girls also did well, with Rickayln Rayburn taking first place among high school girls.

Middle school boys took first, Jason Purvis, and second, Aylwin Bradshaw, in the traditional category and Shelby Jordan took second place in the middle school girls traditional competition.

In the elementary category Emma Parker took third place in the traditional girl category, while Ella Bush took third in the compound female competition.

At Boyd County the high school boys and girls ran the traditional category, with Kody Cline, Hayden Waugh and Tristan Kitchen taking first through third, respectively, in the male category and Rickayln Rayburn, Danielle Underwood, and Katelyn Moore taking first through third in the female competition.

Middle school boys also took all three places in the traditional category with Jason Purvis in first, Garrett Belcher in second, and Tristan Moore in third. Shelby Jordan took third place in the traditional female competition.

The elementary girls took all three places in the compound bow category, with Ella Bush in first, Kendyll Thompson in second, and Eva Reynolds in third, and Emma Parker taking second place in the elementary female traditional category.

West Carter High School took first place overall in the competition and West Middle second place overall. The trend continued in their third competition of the season, at Verona, KY.

The girls took first, Rickayln Rayburn, and second, Danielle Underwood in the traditional category. The boys ran the competition in the traditional category once again, with Hayden Waugh in first, Tristan Kitchen in second and Darrell Turner in third.

At the middle school level the girls took Shelby Jordan took first place in traditional and the boys took second, Jason Purvis, and third place, Aylwin Bradshaw.

At the elementary level Emma Parker took second place in traditional, while Ava Reynolds took first place in compound bow competition and Kendyll Thompson taking second.

Gilliam, who shares assistant coaching duties with Sam Kitchen under head coach James Middleton, said the West archery team is unique in that it allows kids of all ages, from elementary through high school, to compete together as a team. Gilliam said she expects the team to do just as well at state level competition, June 14-15. She also expects them to have a good showing at the national level competitions in Metropolis, Illinois in July.

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