Barbara Sellers, the granddaughter of aviator Matthew Sellers, will be signing copies of her book “A Moment in Time” Sunday, May 26, at the Carter Caves gift shop.

The book focuses on the life and accomplishments of Matthew, a Grahn native who took the first flight to land safely in Kentucky in 1908.

“I’ve always been fascinated with flight,” said Barbara.

She wrote “A Moment in Time” in 2009 with collections of laboratory notes, correspondence and personal diaries along with photos of his inventions to teach more people about the person he was and what he created.

“I share my grandfather’s same dream,” said Barbara.

She said her grandfather was not as interested in flying a plane himself as he was fascinated with what caused a plane to fly. He was very interested in physics and has multiple lab notes and inventions on display at the Smithsonian.

Barbara has been studying her grandfather for years and has created a website to document his life in depth.

In addition to manning the first safe flight in the Commonwealth, Matthew also invented retractable landing gear, held a seat on the first Naval Consulting board, built the first house in Carter County to have electricity and was close friends with the Wright brothers.

Matthew’s home, locally referred to as the Blakemore Estate, was burned down in 1975, but Barbara said she still enjoys hearing the residents of Carter County tell stories about their memories of her grandfather and his homeplace.

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