The Carter County Poetry Society released the list of winners for their annual poetry contest last week. Winners in various categories took home cash prizes sponsored by individuals and organizations, while the winners in the Grand Prix category, the only category that required an entry fee, split the pot from entry fees.

Winners in the Grand Prix category were Carol Mauriello for her piece “The Dream of the Dead,” and, in second place, Crystal Barker for “The Invisible and the Blind.”

In the villinelle category, Janet Maddix took first with “The Black Oak Tree,” while Lorie Zientara took second with “Love's Madness.” In the pleiades category, Zientara took first place with “Uncertainty,” Barker second with “Fight” and Maddix third with “Bigfoot.”

In the Kentucky/Appalachian category, Zientara took first with “Grass,” Barker second with “My Inheritance from Granny and Grandma,” and Neal Salyers third with “Appalachian Woman.”

Zientara also took first in the rondeau category for her piece entitled “Loose!” and in the limerick category for “It's easy to say out of spite.” Angela Barker Thomas took second in limericks with “It Doesn't Come Easy,” and Camilla Haney third with “Still Walking.”

Haney took first place in the Spiritual/Inspirational category, with “Summer Revival.” Mauriello took second in the category with “When the wolf spoke,” and Barker third with “Perspective.” Jackie Brant was given an honorable mention for her submission, “Treasured Memories.”

In the free verse category, Barker took first with “Our Last Swing,” Hannah Skaggs second with “Harmonious,” and Salyers third with “Dad's Poet Friends.” Mauriello was given an honorable mention in the category for “Dying Flowers Talking.”

In ballads, Salyers took first with his piece, “Charles Lilburn,” and Nellie Middleton second with “1864.”

In the personification category, Barker took first with “Rollerblades,” Zientara second with “Cabochon,” and Middleton third with “This Kitchen Table.” Brant was given an honorable mention for her piece “Resting.”

In the sonnet category, Zientara took first place with her piece, “Missed.”

In the category Lightsome Adventures, Salyers took first place with “The Return.” Second place went to Zientara for “Racing in the Sunlight,” and third to Mauriello for “Learning How Not to be in Negative Marbles.” Haney was given an honorable mention for her piece, “Road Trip.”

In the short poem category Thomas took first with an untitled piece, Salyers second with “Serenity Broken,” and Janet Maddix third with “Hibiscus.” Mauriello earned an honorable mention for her submission, “Running Still.”

In the young writers category Cloe Gottschalk took first place for a piece entitled “Rain,” and Declan Gottschalk second for “Lizard.”

For more information on the Carter County Poetry Society, you can find them on Facebook, or email president Lorie Zientara at The poetry society meets on the second Saturday of each month. Membership dues for one year are $10.

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