Thirty-three Quilts of Valor were stacked and waiting to be presented to Veterans of Carter County by members of the Carter County Quilts for Veterans on behalf of the national organization, QOVF.

The veterans to be honored and listed on the program were Army Veterans Elwood Barker, John Blevins, Bob Bond, Don Caudill, Michael Cooke, Walter Deffinbaugh, Ercel Dickens, Joel Greer, Jack Harper, Charles Kiser Jr., John Kitchen, George “Flip” Martin, James “Jim” Prichard, Ronald Salmon, William Salmon, Albert Sergent, Ralph Smith Jr., John Wages, Leland Wilcox, Bobby Willis, Carl Womack Sr., Tom Womack, and Bob Yoak. Also on the program to be honored were Air Force Veterans Joe M. Brammell, Gary Caudill, Larry Collier, Don Griffith, Mickey Miller, and John Napier. Jerry Burton and Jack Strother Jr. were listed under Navy Veterans and Marine Corps Veterans were Eddie Hale and Carolyn Shaffer. Most of these veterans served in the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

East Carter High School’s JROTC, under the direction of Major Matt Francis, presented the colors, as Josh Marshall, Hitchins Wesleyan church pastor, sang the National Anthem.

Gary Caudill, Air Force veteran, delivered the invocation.

Each Quilt of Valor was held high for all to view, and the veterans were wrapped in love and appreciation. Some teared up, while others were able to keep their emotions intact. Lots of clapping and standing ovations were evident to display appreciation from family and friends.

Everyone stood and sang “God Bless America,” as Josh Marshall led the song.

Leland Wilcox, Army veteran, provided the closing remarks and Larry Collier delivered the benediction.

Many pictures and videos were taken to remember this special day of appreciation.

To nominate any Carter County Veteran or anyone in Active Duty, contact Sheila Flaugher Binion at 315-3200.

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