Larry Prichard was dedicated to education, his widow Myrtle Prichard said.

Not just in the public schools, but at the university level, and lifelong learning through libraries and continuing education. So when Prichard passed away, she said, she could think of no better way to honor the former superintendent of Carter County Schools than by establishing a scholarship to Marshall University in his name. She donated $101,000 to the school for the establishment of the fund, she explained, and each year since, a graduating senior with a link to Marshall University or Carter County, where Prichard respectively studied and spent the majority of his career, has been eligible for the $100,000 award.

The first recipient of that award, 2015 East Carter High School graduate Rita Kirk, has now completed her education at Marshall and graduated.

Prichard said this is exactly what she dreamed of when she created the endowment.

That, she explained, is why the reward is renewable for up to four years if the recipient maintains a good academic standing of 3.0 or higher, while a new incoming freshman is also chosen each year for the award.

Prichard, a native of West Virginia and graduate of Marshall University, was an educator for nearly 35 years. During his career he served as Carter County Superintendent of Schools for nine years, and, his wife explained, was primarily responsible for Carter County receiving a public library.

Prichard, his widow noted, believed in the right of all children to receive the best education possible.

“He was so good to the children of Carter County,” Myrtle Prichard told the Journal-Times at the time the award was established.

“Multiply that by 10 and that's how good he was to me. If this was the last penny I had, I would donate it.”

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