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The Grayson Park Board and the project manager on the sports park complex, John Brammer, have reached some decisions on amenities that they must have right away and those that will have to wait.

Grayson Tourism & Convention Commission chair Mindy Woods-Click told the commission last Thursday that the park board had come to their decisions during an owner's meeting the previous week.

Among the items the park will hold off on are asphalt for parking areas and several recreation areas where there are already other options in the community. This includes the planned tennis court area, basketball courts, the skate park area, and volleyball courts. While the board still plans to build out these areas in the future, they will not be included in the first phase of construction.

Infrastructure for the planned areas will still be built out, however, so that contractors will not have to dig up these areas in the future when the amenities are added to the park. The park board also decided to hold off on adding artificial turf to fields, opting for sod or grass seeding instead until such time as they can budget for the artificial turf.

One of the items that has ended up costing the board more than expected has been electrical connections from AEP, which Woods-Click said is expected to cost the park board $30,000. This is an expense that the board is not able to work around. However value engineering is expected to save the board money on other items, like restroom facilities. The original plans, as prepared by firm Brandstetter-Carroll, called for wall mounted toilets that were priced at around $1,000 each. Brammer told the board he is confident they can find cheaper, commercial quality toilets that will meet the park's needs without breaking the bank.

Among the items that will be included in the final park are the splash pad play area and the playground area.

"We are committed to leaving in the things people need," Woods-Click said.

The board has received a bid from one contractor on the splash pad area that also includes costs for the concrete portions of the playground and the shelters. The board also plans to asphalt the parking area in the future. Making it a gravel lot initially may improve the future life of the future asphalt parking, Brammer told the board, as traffic over the gravel lot will allow the lot to settle prior to asphalt application.

The ballfield areas of the park are nearly to grade, Woods-Click reported, and plumbing work on the site is expected to begin next month.

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