Local resident Bill Woods and his live-in girlfriend Angie Sharp said this week that they would like to “correct some things – just for the record” that was printed in a story about Tommy Boggs in the Oct. 28 publication of the Journal-Times.

“First of all, the story contains a lot of inaccuracies. There are a lot of things in that story that’s just not true,” Bill Woods said.

“First of all, Tabitha Sexton’s home was not burglarized. She does not own the property in question, located on Cribbs Hill.”

(He stated the names of the owners. They are not included due to the nature of some of the information in the story.)

“Second of all, there were no warrants issued for Angie, Angie’s daughter or my son,” Woods said. “Kentucky State Police Trooper D. Kinman came out here to my house as part of his investigation and advised Angie to report this matter to not only his superiors but to get the record straight with the county attorney.”

Woods added, “The main thing I want to get out is there were no warrants issued for my son. You can confirm that through the county attorney’s office.”

Woods said Trooper Kinman advised them he was not going to open a case on this based on his investigation. He also said the trooper advised that it was a civil matter and his superiors had discussed it and decided that they weren’t going to open a case on it.

“Angie had lived there prior to Tommy and Tabitha living there and she had left some of her property when she moved out - inside this double wide trailer and an out building,” Woods said.

“And she (Angie) had permission to, of course live there, and she was advised by the owners that they were going to be moving back in it – so she moved out.”

Woods said it was his understanding from what he had been told that before they could move back in that Tommy Boggs and Tabitha Sexton moved into the doublewide trailer without permission of the owners and just set up housekeeping there when Angie moved out.

“The owner has apparently encountered some financial difficulties,” Woods said. “She advised Angie that she was getting ready to lose the place and told her if there was anything out there that she wanted she’d better go get it because the mobile home was getting ready to be repossessed by the finance company.”

Angie Sharp added to the story, “When I started moving out of the double wide up there, I talked to Kim, Tabitha’s sister. That’s how they found out about the property and a double wide and that I was moving out. Kim wanted a doublewide for her and her daughter. The owner said she would sell it to them.”

She continued, “Kim, Tabitha’s sister, didn’t have a boyfriend so Tommy and Tabitha kind of booted her out of the way and moved in, saying they were going to buy the place.”

Sharp said she still had her stuff up there and “I was literally stole blind”.

She named a $1,000 surround sound system, a $3,000 scooter and a computer as a few of the items that went missing.

“The Sextons stole from me,” Sharp said. “I told them I had some antique things that were sentimental and I wanted them back. They went in their parent’s house and gave a couple of things back to me.

“I told the trooper it would take me five pages to fill out all the things that got stole from me up there. I went up there to the building and got two bags of clothes and that was all. The only things I care about is my kids’ baby pictures, Kindergarten papers and my grandkids’ photos,” she added.

Sharp said the owner of the mobile home gave her the out building that was on the property.

“Tabitha’s father, Carl, went up there and stole my building,” Sharp said. “I’ve got to go and get a warrant on him and the state police recommend me getting one for Tabitha for filing false complaints against me. I didn’t steal anything.”

According to Sharp, the owners of the mobile home had it financed through Vanguard and the property was on a land contract with a local resident. She said the owners have since filed bankruptcy.

“I did not call the state police and tell them where Tommy was at,” Sharp said.

“Tommy kept calling, cussing me and saying that he had a warrant on me, one on my daughter Ashley, one on Bill Woods, one on Chris and one on my brother. So, I called the state police post and asked them if they had warrants on me and told them Tommy Boggs was driving me crazy, and if there was no warrant on me, I wanted to put a stop to these rumors because I had not stolen anything.”

She said they picked Tommy up and she got another phone call.

“They go pick Tommy up and Tabitha calls me back and cusses me out and said I sent the law out there to pick Tommy up. I didn’t do that. I can’t help that Tommy got caught doctor shopping. That’s not my fault. I didn’t tell him to do it. He lied about what his warrant was over,” Sharp said.

Sharp said all they ever issued on her was a summons to try to get the whole thing just thrown out, and it was not a warrant.

“Carl Sexton’s brother called me and said his son wrecked my daughter’s scooter,” Sharp said.

She added, “That wasn’t my fault they had things stolen. They had already moved and vacated the place. It was like a free-for all. I don’t know who got their stuff. I was told that the furniture they said was stolen was in Tabitha’s father’s garage. I know for a fact the baby stuff they said was stolen was out there piled in there on top of my stuff in the out building. Even that state police trooper told me Tabitha had been lying to him.”

Sharp said, “I don’t need this. I work and I do not want my name showing up in the paper for stealing when I didn’t.”

Meanwhile, Tabitha reported Tuesday afternoon that Tommy Boggs was released from the hospital and back in the Carter County Detention Center.

She said she was told three men, Donnie Dewees and brothers Brian and Roger Burnett, were charged with 2nd degree assault from his beating last week there.

“The owner of the land gave the out building to my dad, Carl,” Tabitha said, when told it was said he had stolen it. “He (land owner) said he knew the guy who owned the building and said he wasn’t going to move it and told Dad he could have it.”

Tabitha added, “I did get a warrant for Angie for theft by unlawful taking - $5,000. They told me at the county attorney’s office that Trooper Kinman already picked it up from there.”

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