Two arrested

David Walker, 23, and Kristan Maggard, 23, were arrested Sunday and face several charges.

WILLARD - Two Carter County residents were arrested and charged with numerous counts, including felonies, Sunday morning after being involved in an altercation with an off-duty Grayson Police office. During the incident a gun was allegedly held to the officer’s head, according to Kentucky State Police.

David M. Walker, 23, and Kristan M. Maggard,23, were arrested after Carter County dispatch responded to a domestic dispute in the Willard area about 9:30 a.m. involving Walker and Maggard.

Prior to Carter County sheriff’s deputies arriving at the residence, off-duty Grayson Police officer John Fitzgerald observed a 2002 SUV, believed to be owned by Walker, stopped on the side of the road along KY 1496.

Once Fitzgerald identified both Walker and Maggard, a physical altercation began between Fitzgerald and Walker, according to the report.

During the conflict, Maggard allegedly assaulted Fitzgerald and then Walker grabbed Fitzgerald’s firearm and held him at gunpoint.

Police said Walker and Maggard then left in the vehicle but were stopped moments later by Carter County Sheriff Kevin McDavid and Deputy Larry Martin at the junction of KY 1 and KY 1496.

Walker then exited the vehicle and held the firearm to his own head. He then got back into the vehicle and fled the scene with police in pursuit.

At that time, Kentucky State Police from the Ashland post took control of the situation. Walker again stopped the vehicle along KY 1122 and pointed the firearm at his own head.

Trooper Ben Tanner and Sgt. Jim Shelton began to negotiate with him, but Walker got back into the vehicle and again fled. Moments later, Walker stopped the vehicle and exited on foot, again placing the gun to his head.

At that point, police said Maggard also exited the vehicle. For nearly 45-minutes Shelton and Tanner negotiated with Walker for him to surrender. Walker then gave the firearm to Maggard who then pointed the gun to her head, as Walker approached the troopers.

Minutes later, troopers convinced Maggard to drop the gun and also walk toward them.

Both Walker and Maggard were placed under arrest. Police said Walker began to struggle with officers, but he was eventually restrained.

“Any situation like this is extremely tense”, Carter County Sheriff Kevin McDavid told The Journal-Times.

“Naturally, you keep in mind the ultimate end that you want and that is that everyone leaves safely -- that includes the perpetrators. There was a lot of cooperation between the agencies involved and that’s probably why the situation ended the way it did.”

Walker’s arraignment was held via TV Monday at the Carter County District Courtroom with Hon. Rupert Wilhoit presiding. He was charged with 13 counts, six being felonies. The charges include: third-degree assault on a police officer, disarming a peace officer, fleeing or evading police, convicted felon in possession of a firearm, disorderly conduct-2nd degree, resisting arrest, operating motor vehicle under the influence, no or expired registration plates, failure to wear seat belts, wanton endangerment -1st degree, unlawful imprisonment -1st degree, criminal mischief -3rd degree and terroristic threatening-3rd degree.

Maggard was also arraigned Monday via TV. She faces one felony count of assault-3rd degree-police officer and three misdemeanor counts including, public intoxication controlled substance, disorderly conduct-2nd degree and resisting arrest. A public defender was appointed for Maggard.

Walker and Maggard are each being held in the Carter County Detention Center on a $100,000 full-cash bond and each have a preliminary hearing set for March 19.

Officer Fitzgerald received minor scrapes and abrasions and was treated by Grayson EMS, according to the report. The case remains under investigation by Sgt. Shelton.

This is not the first time Walker has been arrested for his behavior. In one earlier case, Walker, of Park Street in Grayson, was indicted on seven counts for offenses committed on March 29, 2003.

Those indictments included operating a motor vehicle under the influence, fleeing or evading police in the first degree, criminal littering, wanton endangerment-1st degree-2 counts, reckless driving and speeding up to 125mph.

In a court document recorded January 5, 2005, Walker, with his attorney Hon. Robin Webb and then Circuit Judge Samuel Long, signed a guilty plea agreement. In the agreement four counts were dismissed and he pled guilty to fleeing/evading police 1st, criminal littering and reckless driving.

He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, which was probated for three years, and fined $1,125. He was also credited with three days served before sentencing.

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