Carter County

    The Reapportionment Committee presented its recommended plan to the Fiscal Court on Tuesday.

     The Committee met Friday and chose a plan that would create a sixth magisterial district.

    The plan, represented in the map, was the brainchild of Walton (Corky) Clevenger of Hitchins. 

    If accepted, District 1 would consist of the precincts of Buffalo, Courthouse, Gregoryville, and Iron Hill. District 2 would consist of Oakland (moved from District 1), North Rush, South Rush, and Denton (moved from District 3.) District 3 would consist of Alpha Hall, Hitchins and Willard. District 4 would consist of Cedar Grove, Eagle Hall, Grahn, Pleasant Valley, Soldier, and Pleasant Hill (moved from District 3). District 5 would consist of Brickyard, Clark Hill, Olive Hill Courthouse, Smokey Valley, and Upper Tygart.

    The new District 6 would be made up from East Grayson/Stinson (from District 1), North and South Midland Trails (from District 2). The only possible concern would be in District 2, whose population would be just over 400 people too small. The committee anticipated the highest future growth in Districts 1, 2, and 6. This plan does allow entire precincts to shift, which makes implementation easier and cheaper on the county.

    “The thing I want is whatever is best for the County,” County Clerk Mike Johnston, a non-voting member of the committee, said. “It is just important that we don’t change the precinct lines.”

    The proposed sixth district would go into effect July 1, 2012. The Governor would be charged with appointing an interim magistrate.

    The Fiscal Court chose to table the issue for now.

    “We should table this recommendation so we can look into how it is going to affect everyone,” Brad Brammell, Magistrate District 1 said during Tuesday’s meeting. “There will be districts that change, and I want to make sure everyone knows what is going to happen and feel as little impact as possible.”

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