Omega Force

Omega Force - the world's strongest team with the world's greatest message - coming to Carter County this weekend.

“Linking hands with churches to see Heaven bigger and Hell smaller,” is part of the strength behind Omega Force, a group of world-class athletes who perform exhibitions of power, strength, speed, inspiration and motivation. The group is coming to Carter County Sept. 25 to perform at East Carter High School after the football game and at West Carter High Sept. 26 at 6 p.m.

Omega Force is made up of nine giant men who entertain by blowing up hot water bottles, snapping baseball bats, lifting telephone poles and ripping apart telephone books and license plates.

The men utilize feats of strength to communities in order to offer positive messages to audiences in churches, civic centers, stadiums and coliseums all across the nations.

Omega Force has a history of reaching people from all walks of life and sharing a life-changing message of hope and inspiration.

“If you can get someone’s attention you can get their heart,” is just another motto Omega Force believes in and uses the faith behind the words to restore families, turn communities around and teach young people the power of God.

Pastor Jim Varney encourages the entire community to attend the spiritual event. “I believe this will be enjoyed by all regardless of age,” he said. “It’s a free event and will offer a chance for everyone to enjoy this inspirational group of men share God’s word.”

Omega Force is known to draw hundreds and thousands of unsaved folks from all ages to share their testimony and present the Gospel in a way that is understood by those who attend.

Admission is free to both events and sponsored by the E.N.O.U.G.H, in partnership with the Carter County Drug Task Force.

Members of Omega Force:

Marc Wilkes – 6’1” and 265 pounds. His nickname is ‘No Fear.” He can crush a four-foot wall of concrete with one blow from his head. Not only as Marc spoken in over 1,200 school assemblies, but also has been speaking in churches, youth camps, prisons, private and business meetings for the last nine years.

George Milam – 6’ and 260 pounds. George has won several championships in bodybuilding and power lifting. He is also a former pro wrestler. George has phenomenal strength and is able to bend a horseshoe all the way around. He can drive a 16-penny nail through a 2x4.

Ken Zachary – 6’1” and 275 pounds. He can bench press over 500 pounds, break through enormous stacks of cement with one downward blow of his elbow. He is a former Ohio State University football player, former Green Bay Packer player, former Sand Diego Charger player as well as having played for the Canadian football league. Big Zach holds the world record for the 60-yard dash in 5.92 seconds.

Russ Clear – 6’ and 295 pounds. He is a six-time world champion in the bench press and the strict curl and pound for pound the world’s strongest man in an all-natural competition. Russ spent over 15 years of his life in correctional institutions before he came to know Christ. The last six months of his sentence he was in San Quentin. Since then, Russ has made it his mission to reach as many people as he can for Christ. He has appeared in “Walker Texas Ranger” and played a major role in the move “A Song for Momma.”

Preston Brooks – 6’1” and 295 pounds. He can bench well over 540 pounds. Preston played nose guard at Troy State University. He can run and demolish an eight-foot wall of ice. He is a Christian rap artist and praise and worship leader.

Kenneth Etta – 5’9” and 250 pounds. His biceps measure 22 inches. He is originally from Cameroon West Africa. In 1986 he moved to the U.S. where he graduate from the University of Minnesota and began ministry in 1989 as a campus street preacher/evangelist. Kenneth is an anointed and licenses minister of the gospel, an evangelist, a teacher, a writer and soloist.

Keith Brown – 5’11” and 240 pounds. He was college running back and an Oklahoma Golden Glove Champion. For over two years he worked as a boot camp drill instructor. When not traveling with Omega Force he is employed with the Polk County Sheriff’s office (state not mentioned) as a law enforcement officer. He can bend a one-inch steel rod in his teeth.

John Anderson – 6’2” and 280 pounds. He is a bench press champion, while benching over 550 pounds and has 22” biceps. His nickname is “The Bus.” His greatest joy comes from seeing lost souls saves.

Mitch Hodge – 5’10” and 245 pounds. Mitch is former Mr. Idaho, Mr. Northwest and Mr. Western USA winner. He has played football at the semi-pro level and did well in world strongman competitions. When not traveling with Omega Force he is on staff as an associate pastor at New Beginnings Church in Burley, Idaho.

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