The Olive Hill Fire Department could face some financial problems if funding isn’t found soon.

During Carter County Fiscal Court’s regular session Assistant Fire Chief Jeremy Rodgers said a lack of money was causing concerns for the fire department personnel.

“If we can’t put fuel in the trucks then we can’t make the runs,” he told the court. “Seventy to 80 percent of our runs are out in the county. I don’t want to tell people we won’t be able to take care of them because we have no money to operate.”

Judge Executive Charles Wallace suggested a committee be formed in order to find funding.

Jeremy said he was thankful to the court for getting the new fire and rescue gear for the fire department. “Without this stuff our guys wouldn’t have any gear at all,” he said. “We are replacing 15-year-old radios. That’s how old most of our equipment is.”

Jeremy said he understood that costs for the county have increased. “Our costs have gone up just as your general budget has,” he added.

Wallace said the fire department was important to the county and he wanted to see if a committee might find ways to help.


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