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Jeanie Steele is pictured logging book listings into the computer at the new library in Grayson.

Today (Wednesday, Sept. 2) will certainly be a day to celebrate, as the new Carter County Library will open the doors for business at 10 a.m.

It’s been a long time coming but this morning will mark the first official day for the library to invite the community in to see what a lot of volunteer work has done, said Library board member Mindy Woods.

“It’s hard to believe but it’s finally happened,” she commented. “We are all so excited as this library will offer everything from hardback to paperback books to a reference section and even a genealogy room.

And that’s just a start, as the library will also have a kid’s room, computers and wireless Internet.

“Jill York and one of her employees are painting a jungle mural on the wall of the kids room,” Woods said. “For those interested in genealogy, Director Jussie Minor has written a grand to support the genealogy section of the library.

“The grant is pending but it will go toward equipment to catalogue and preserve genealogy. And, also will lead us to a genealogy fair next fall at the Olive Hill Historical Society,” she added.

Woods said genealogy classes would soon be available at both the Grayson and Olive Hill Libraries.

“Each library will operate equally,” she advised. “We are dedicated also to the Olive Hill Library. We went in and did some upgrades over there and even expanded their book collection.”

The new Carter County Library is stocked with shelves and shelves of books with most being donated from folks and organization within the county.

“We are on a very tight budget and could only spend $2,600 on new books. But this community has been wonderful by giving us so many books.”

One particular young lady decided that collecting books for the library would be a great way to earn a Girl Scouts badge.

Although Hannah Carter didn’t stop at just one or two boxes of books, she instead collected over 3,000 books and donated them to the library. She is the daughter of Brian and Melody Carter and the granddaughter to Francis and Pam Nash.

The book collection at the new library will target all ages Woods said.

“We have them that will interest both boys and girls and men and women,” she added. “We also have a good selection of paper backs including a western section and a romance section.”

Even though the library is ready to serve the community, it does lack volunteers.

“We need people to help one or two days each week,” she Woods said. “The Olive Hill library has run all this time just on volunteers and we hope we can get that here. We need one or more in the building during business hours.”

Folks not able to visit the library also will have a chance to check out books with a bookmobile coming this fall.

Woods said the Olive Hill and Grayson libraries would operate together by allowing book borrowers to drop off items at either location.

“You can check out a book over here on the east side and take it back on the west,” she said.

All services at the library will be offered free of charge, including applying for a library card.

The card also would allow members to check out books and other items at surrounding county libraries.

Woods said library Director Larry Prichard and the board are determined to make the library a success. During today’s “soft opening,” Woods said she hopes the community will go out and check what the library has to offer.

A closing time for each day has not been set, but the library will open daily at 10 a.m.

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