Grayson City Council has voted to rejoin the FIVCO Area Drug Enforcement Task Force (FADE).

Police Chief Kevin McDavid made the recommendation to the City Council, saying the move will enhance his department’s ability to combat illegal drug trafficking in the Grayson area.

“Anything we can do to fight the drug epidemic in our area is a good thing, and because this is the only thing FADE does, it has resources at its disposal that we don’t currently have,” the chief said.

Council approved the motion to rejoin FADE on a 3-1 vote, with Pearl Crum, Jack Harper and Terry Stamper voting in favor of the measure.

Duane Suttles voted against the motion, but clarified his position after the meeting.

“I don’t have anything against rejoining FADE. We just had some issues with them before and I thought we needed to take some time to assess the current state of the organization before jumping back in,” he said.

According to McDavid, hiring an additional officer will not be necessary at this time, as he will be assigning one of the his current officers to the anti-drug effort.

FADE will pay 10 percent of that officer’s salary and benefits and 100 percent of the officer’s overtime incurred but City Council must furnish a vehicle.

No timeline was given as to when the new FADE officer would officially be transferred to the task force.

In other business, Council voted unanimously to extend the contract of ABC officer Reid Glass until the end of the current fiscal year. He also serves as city attorney.

Glass informed the Council that he recently approved two applications for package liquor stores, while rejecting two others.

All four applications, however, were sent to Kentucky ABC in Frankfort, which has the final say on who will receive the two available package store licenses.

City Council will hold its next regular meeting at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 11, at City Hall.

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