The price of gasoline seems to go into snail mode when prices are marked to lessen the grip on the consumers’ wallet. However, when the price hits a hike, it’s an overnight wonder as to how quick the price of gasoline will rise.

According to information obtained from the Internet, much of the recent up-and-down effect is being blamed on the declining stock market and also oil traders’ worries over Iran’s persistent refusal to suspend its nuclear program. In addition, the US demands 400 million gallons of gasoline each day to support motorists, which also is blamed for rapid increases.

Whatever the reasons, pulling up to the pumps these days can do a number on limited family funds and traveling decisions.

Anna Williams of Grayson said Friday that she doesn’t understand why the gas prices go up quickly and down slowly. “You can be at the gas station one day and they are up around $2.30 and then the next morning you drive by and they have jumped to over $2.50,” she told The Journal-Times.

“That just makes the consumers feel like we are being taken for a ride by the gasoline companies. I know they have to make money, but we are the consumers and have to make money to by driving to work.”

Although most gas stations in the tri-state area get gasoline supplies from the Ashland area, the prices in Ashland Monday the highest in the state at $2.55 per gallon, according to The lowest at $2.24 were found in Bowling Green.

Weekend prices in Grayson and Morehead ranged from $2.50 to $2.55. But as of Monday, prices in Grayson had lowered to $2.24 and the price in Morehead were lingering around $2.45.

It’s been said that the Pilot Truck Stop in Grayson, who sells non-branded gasoline and is a large corporation across the state, is able to keep their prices low and their Grayson competitors also at about the same price.

To stretch further across the nation, as of Sunday evening motorists in much of California were paying $3.06 per gallon at the same time drivers in nearly the entire state of Idaho were enjoying a $2.04 per gallon.

It could be worse…

Whether it’s $2.20 a gallon or up close o $3.00, Americans certainly have it better than some people across the globe. In fact, according Sunday’s figures on, motorists in the Netherlands have to shell out a whopping $6.73 for each gallon of gas they put into their vehicles. And in Germany, a person must have $5.96 to even touch a gallon of gas for his or her tank.

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