GRAYSON - Heading off to fight a fire is difficult enough. Add slippery road conditions and a frozen pump tank into the mix and a bad situation just got much worse.

Firefighters first onto the scene of a house fire off Stinson Road last week found themselves in that very cold predicament.

“We certainly try to keep the buildings as warm as possible but when you’re out on a run, and you add the wind,” Grayson fire fighter Mike Harper told The Journal-Times.

“Just a few degrees below freezing there isn’t much of a risk -- but as cold as it was last week (several days in single digits!), when it’s that cold everything can freeze up.”

With the threat of frozen hoses and tanks in the back of their minds, just leaving the stations and traveling to sites can be treacherous.

“The dispatch always does a great job of telling us about road conditions when we’re making a run,” Harper said.

No injuries were reported from the Stinson Road call.

The increased use of fire places and portable heating units puts the risk of accidents, and therefore calls to the fire department, at a higher level during the cold months.

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