Less than two months of campaigning are left for candidates running for local offices and signs are popping up faster than spring flowers.

Few races have changed since the Journal-Times reported filings on Jan. 28.

Locally, Grayson Police Department Officer Tony Cantrell has pulled out of the sheriff's race and independent candidate Eric “Bubba” Johnson has filed a letter of intent to run for sheriff.

Independent candidates must file a statement-of-candidacy by 4 p.m. on April 1.

At the state level, Democratic candidate Derrick Willis, a local attorney with an office in Grayson, says he intends to withdraw from the race for state representative in the 96th District.

Willis told the Journal-Times that his private practice and service as city attorney in Olive Hill are keeping him busy. He has yet to file his intention to withdraw with the Secretary of State's office.

Independent candidates and those filing for non-partisan races must file nominating petitions by 4 p.m. on Aug. 12.

Non-partisan races include mayor, City Council, school board, and Soil and Water Conservation District supervisors.

Carter County candidates now include:

Property Valuation Administrator

Leslie J. Kiser - Democrat

County Judge-Executive

Charles Wallace - Democrat

Millard Cordle - Democrat

Brad Brammell - Democrat

Chester "Chuck" Highley - Democrat

Mike Thomas Malone - Republican

Kevin "Mooch" McDavid - Republican

County Attorney

Patrick Flannery - Republican

Brian K. Bayes - Democrat

County Clerk

Mike D. Johnston - Democrat


Keith Hill - Democrat

R.D. Porter - Democrat

Casey Brammell - Democrat

Donald Beller - Democrat

Paul Meek - Republican

Jeffrey May - Republican

Eric “Bubba” Johnson - Independent


Lester Bailey - Democrat

R. W. Boggs - Republican


George A. Sparks - Democrat

William Waddell - Democrat

Magistrate, District 1

Lovell Carper - Democrat

Nicholas Lynn Wilburn - Republican

Chris Huddle - Republican

Stephen Campbell - Republican

Magistrate, District 2

James O. Wilburn - Democrat

Clarence "Sonny" Fankell - Democrat

Wayne A. Terry - Republican 

Randy "Roadside" McGuire - Democrat

Magistrate, District 3

Larry E. Knipp - Republican 

Mark Miller - Democrat

Eugene Tussey - Republican

Carl "Wes" Walker - Democrat

Larry Martin - Democrat

Magistrate, District 4

Nicholas Barker - Republican

Bill Reynolds - Democrat

Clifford “Sodbuster” Roe - Democrat

Jeffrey D. Fite - Democrat

R. "Rocky" Kiser - Democrat

Magistrate, District 5

Brandon Burton - Republican

William "Bill" Webb - Republican

William "Bill" Wilson - Democrat

Paul Richards - Republican

Constable, District 1

James Norman Felty - Democrat 

Brian M. Stevens - Republican

Constable, District 2 

Danny Davis - Democrat

Robert Knipp - Democrat

Christopher Wilson - Republican

Constable, District 3

Johnny E. Gifford - Democrat

Constable, District 4

Billy Dan Dailey - Democrat

Constable, District 5

Phillip M. Blevins - Democrat

Board of Education

Lisa Ramey-Easterling, District 3 

Kirk Wilburn, District 5

Kentucky House, District 96

Rep. Jill York - Republican

Berry Webb - Democrat

Kentucky Senate, District 18

Sen. Robin Webb - Democrat

Tony Downey - Republican

Circuit Court Judge – 37th Circuit

Judge Rebecca Phillips

Family Court Judge – 37th Circuit

Judge David D. Flatt

District Court Judge – 37th Circuit

Judge Rupert Wilhoit

John Thompson

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