An East Carter High School student has filed a federal lawsuit while seeking damages for ‘horrific, humiliating and ongoing sexual harassment’ she alleges from a former school resource officer.

Linsey Savage filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Ashland against the Carter County School Board of Education and the Grayson Police Department. The suit names the defendants as former officer Clayton James, former ECHS principle Ada Steele, J.C. Perkins, assistant principal and Grayson Police Chief Keith Hill.

James had been removed from his school position and fired by the police department after Kentucky State Police arrested him in January of last year on a misdemeanor charge of official misconduct, to which he later pled guilty. James was sentenced to 60 days of home incarceration and paid $178 in court costs after pleading guilty to official misconduct. James’ salary as SRO had been split between the school system and the police department.

“As soon as we were made away of the situation we acted immediately,” Carter County School Superintendent Darlene Gee told The Journal-Times of the school system’s response back in October of 2006. “And now we are following procedures to deal with this situation and we are unable to comment on specific aspects at this time.”

The lawsuit seeks indefinite monetary damages for medical expenses, future lost wages and emotional and psychological pain and suffering.

Unsuccessful attempts were made to contact Savage concerning the lawsuit.

The KSP said the charge against James was due to a series of inappropriate e-mails sent to a female student this past fall. The messages, sent from an ECHS computer, contained information that led police to believe James had enticed the student to meet with him after school.

In the lawsuit, Savage reveals herself as the receiver of the messages and at that time was 16 years old. Savage is now 18.

She also alleges the 42-year-old James recurrently sexually harassed her and attempted to persuade her into engaging into sexual relations with him between June and October of this past year.

Savage also alleges James would sit with her at lunch and during class and call her out of the classroom to speak privately in his office as well. In addition, Savage claims James requested to accompany her on school field trips and would also leave gifts in her locker.

The suit also alleges that the e-mails sent by James were an attempt to get Savage to meet and have sex on school property.

The suit also alleges the school system violated several state laws, including one requiring it to notify authorities of the abuse Savage alleges she was subjected to.

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