The Carter County Fiscal Court made a motion Tuesday to amend the 2010 –11 budget to begin payments on four new police cruisers and fire department equipment.

Beginning Jan. 15, 2011, the court will make the first of ten annual payments of $16,369.55 to total $135,000 to cover the cost of structural firefighting protective gear for the Olive Hill Fire Department, said Carter County Judge Executive Charles Wallace.

The court will also make the first of three annual payments Jan. 15 of $30,647.74 to cover four Dodge Chargers totaling $91,943.22. “We got a grant for $87,000 that paid for two of the cars and then we had to come up with the rest of the money to pay for the other two,” said magistrate Judy Roark.

At a special called meeting Aug. 31, the court made a motion to temporarily transfer $80,000 from the road fund to the general fund to pay for the cruisers. The money will be returned to the road fund Sept. 14. A motion was then made to make in full the payment of $86,520 to Freedom Dodge to pay for the cruisers.

The vehicles were picked up in June and have already been patrolling the county.

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