Inmates at the Carter County Detention Center have been lending a hand in the community this summer.

“We have done pretty much anything that is related to helping with the youth”, said Jailer R.W. Boggs.

CCDC has kept the Grayson and Olive Hill Little League fields mowed and cleaned all summer, mowed the youth soccer fields and county courthouse, cleaned out the new facility for the Grayson Gallery and Art Center, helped keep up grounds at the Olive Hill Historical Society located at the old high school, cleaned up the Meals on Wheels facility, and many more projects throughout the county.

“Besides our special projects, we pick up miles of county roads when all the projects are caught up,” said Deputy Darrin Hackney of CCDC.  “It’s a great feeling knowing that we are taking a bad situation and making the most out of it for the county”.   

The Detention Center has one full time deputy devoted to the work crew, and typically performs their duty Monday through Friday. 

“I would like to do more, but we have limited funds for this type of work”, said Boggs.  “We have been looking at trying to be active one more day per week. On Saturdays we could spread the work across two shifts and accomplish larger projects.”

The work has made a big difference to those that have benefited from the labor. 

 “It’s been very difficult for the parents to get home from work, try to get to the ballgames and practices, and keep the field cut,” said Lester Bailey, president of Olive Hill Little League.  “It’s been a blessing to have the help.” 

The old Grayson Fire Department had a total makeover by CCDC inmates in order to open the new Art Gallery for Memory Days.

“We would not have been ready in time without their help,” said Mindy Woods of the Grayson Art Gallery.  “The men were very respectful and professional”.

Anyone on the work detail has been classified through Kentucky State guidelines as being eligible to participate in the program.  They are non-violent inmates that are serving out their time in a county jail.  Some of the individuals work inside the facility and help with the cooking and cleaning. 

“We have been very busy with what we have to do weekly, and really cannot take on anything new, but try to do as much good as we can spread around,” Boggs said.  “Hopefully we can expand the program down the road, Lord willing and finances prevail.  This is a great asset to the county as well as a major cost savings when it comes to road clean up.”

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