Keith Bays stands in front of Bayso's Pub, his new establishment at 111 S. Hoard St. in Grayson.

Starting next Friday, Nov. 8, there will be a place in Grayson to enjoy a beer and watch a game.

In fact, those two things will be the main attractions at Bayso's Pub, located at 111 South Hoard Street in Grayson.

“I want it to be a cross between Cheers and Buffalo Wild Wings,” said Bayso's owner Keith Bays. “Where everyone knows your name but you get access to all the games.”

Bayso's is not a bar. Malt beverages are the only alcoholic drinks that can be served. Food will also be available, highlighting typical pub fare like peanuts, pretzels, brats, hotdogs, burgers, and appetizers.

Bays is the person who started the petition drive that led to Grayson becoming a wet town in a dry county.

He says the idea for Bayso's came later.

“Honestly, I really wanted to see this town grow,” Bays said. “When I was out there talking to people I expected more people to do this sort of thing. Now I'm literally putting my money where my mouth is.”

Bays plans to have beer on tap, including Blue Moon and Bud Light. But anything he can get in the bottle also will be in the cooler.

“I'm going to be a request-friendly bartender,” Bays said. “If you like a certain kind of beer let me know and we will have it for you.”

Bayso’s will have large screen TVs in place for every kind of sporting event imaginable. They plan to kick off things next Friday night with the University of Kentucky's matchup with UNC-Ashville at 7 p.m.

“Its all about the game,” Bays said. “We will have tailgating on college football Saturday, Monday Night Football, Fight Night, and, if UK is playing, we'll be here.”

Bays expects the state law requiring pub patrons to be 21 or older will be a plus.

“We have some wonderful family restaurants in town,” Bays said. “Bayso's will be good for mom and dad's night out away from the kids, somewhere for adults to come and enjoy a game.”

Bays and his wife, Jamie, will run Bayso's, which will be open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and 11 a.m. until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

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