After careful deliberation and debate, the Carter County Fiscal Court approved an alternative route to the entrance of recreational property in Grayson.

Magistrate Mary Ellen Greenhill said she would personally like to contribute to providing recreational space for children in the county and therefore motioned for the court to approve use of a road that winds around the back of the park property to be used as an entrance.

Though, this was passed under the common assumption that other routes or solutions for Crossbar Lane off U.S. 60, a city-owned street leading into the front of the property, would be discussed more later.

The court also granted Carter Judge-Executive Charles Wallace permission to sign the 2004 deed, which gives the landlocked property over to the city of Grayson.

Logistical issues involving entrance and exit routes to the property have been debated and discussed between the two governing bodies for awhile, becoming the main topic at Tuesday’s meeting at Star Elementary and Friday’s special meeting of the fiscal court.

Grayson Councilman Terry Stamper appeared at the Star meeting and was joined by Mayor George Steele for Friday’s courthouse meeting.

The court planned to resolve the issue at Star Elementary, but Magistrate Brad Brammell suggested seeking the opinion of the Emergency Medical Services board since the sought entryway could affect ambulance access to its barracks.

Stamper had requested on behalf of the council that the court consider allowing them to use Crossbar Lane off U.S. 60 as an entry way, which also accommodates the ambulance service. He said this entrance was already approved by the court in the straw man deed from 2004, but the city chose to bring the issue back to the court in the spirit of cooperation.

EMS had a meeting Wednesday and representatives, including Chairman Jim Webb, appeared at Friday’s fiscal court meeting.

Webb said the ambulance service makes about 8,000 runs per year, or around 20 per day, where around six daily runs are emergency-level.

Although nobody at the meeting was willing to estimate how much traffic will be on this road for the park’s purposes, Webb was worried it may hinder the speed of emergency services launching from the barracks.

A few solutions, such as an emergency lane, emergency signals and even the possibility of a whole new road were thrown around between Steele, Stamper, the EMS representatives and the court, but none were officially accepted.

Steele said he would be happy with approval of the alternative route, but neither him nor Stamper agreed to taking the Crossbar Lane entrance off the table.

In other news, the court also passed the second readings two ordinances retracting the county’s participation in the Northeast Regional Jail Alliance, an interlocal agreement with Boyd County, officially terminating plans to build a regional jail.

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