If you've been considering getting your GED, and you want to save yourself $120, the time to take it is now.

Janet Wente, an instructor with Carter County Adult Education, explained that while many folks have heard the news that Governor Andy Beshear has waived fees, they don't understand that this is a limited offer.

The state has set aside $600,000 for GED testing. Once that money is gone, the free testing period ends.

In order to receive your GED, Wente further explained, you have to pass three tests – Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science – at a cost of $30 per test. At $120 for the four tests combined, that only amounts to 5,000 individuals covered by the current funding.

The funding also doesn't cover retaking a test if you fail one of the sections. That testing costs $10 each time an individual needs to retake one.

While the funding that has been set aside presents a great opportunity to those who wish to obtain their GED, she said, it isn't something that they should expect to remain around forever.

The entire GED process, Wente explained, is easy to begin. Carter County Adult Education has office on Main Street in Grayson, upstairs from the Carter County Public Library, as well as a presence in the Olive Hill branch of the Library. In addition, Wente teaches classes at the Carter County Detention Center. They have an open enrollment every Thursday, at 10 a.m., or they can see you by appointment.

“There's no cost with that,” Wente said.

Before beginning their individualized curriculum, she said, participants take placement tests in each subject, also at no cost, to determine their placement level. Depending on how one scores on that test, she said, they can either get them scheduled for classes or go ahead and take the practice tests that they must complete before taking the paid GED tests.

Teachers then help students with their study materials. Both the practice tests and the official tests are taken online. The practice tests will help identify weaknesses so that the teachers can work on improving those areas of understanding before attempting the GED tests.

You can find Carter County Adult Education online on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cartercountyadulteducation or reach them by telephone at (606)474-9375.

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