OLIVE HILL – Bad parking has been a topic of discussion in Olive Hill city council meetings for a couple of months now, and Olive Hill Chief of Police Bobby Hall said his department is planning to step up their enforcement of traffic violations, especially speeding, in the coming months.

Hall’s announcement came just days before city council considered an updated ordinance that sets fines the city hopes will serve as a deterrent.

The ordinance, which council gave a first reading of during a special session on Monday, sets fines ranging from $25 to $55 for various offenses, with the fines doubling if not paid within 48 hours. Failure to pay the fine will result in a citation in district court.

Parking in a no-parking zone, whether marked by sign or yellow curb, will earn you a $25 fine. So will parking against the flow of traffic, unless otherwise indicated by sign or device, and parking over the lines to take up two or more spaces. Parking longer than a posted time limit also earns a $25 fine.

The fine goes up to $30 for parking in front of a fire hydrant or blocking a driveway, business entrance or alley. Likewise for parking on or across sidewalks and if you park in areas that are designated for specific other purposes, like loading zones or emergency vehicle parking.

Parking in “a manner as to impede or block the normal flow of traffic” will earn you a $45 fine.

The fine of $55 is reserved for parking in handicapped parking spaces without a permit and for blocking handicapped access ramps.

Ordinances need two readings before they can be passed, but the council members present accepted the first reading of the ordinance unanimously. Councilman Allen Stapleton was absent because of continued illness. Councilman Wayne Russell was also absent.

In other action, council moved to approve agreements with Tennessee Gas, conducted a discussion of alcohol regulatory fees, with promise of a per drink spreadsheet breakdown next meeting, and reviewed personnel policies. This included discussion of overtime eligibility and the possibility of considering call-in time as overtime, regardless of hours worked in the week. Council has not yet approved any policy.

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