After lengthy discussions about the cost of purchasing versus leasing, resale value at auction, and other factors, Carter County Fiscal Court took action in a special session last Monday, July 29, to lease a tri-axle truck, a road tractor, and a rollback truck, and to authorize the Judge Executive to purchase dumpsters.

The court discussed various options and prices, including resale value at auction, before reaching their decision on the equipment to be leased and purchased. Judge Executive Mike Malone noted that everyone on the court seemed to be in favor of obtaining at least one tri-axle truck and a road tractor to save wear and tear on other equipment while moving it from one project to another.

Malone said that the use of a tractor and trailer would save the wear on equipment such as the road grader.

"This reclaimer will also be a beast to drive up and down the road," Malone said.

Malone noted that the cheapest road tractor they had been able to price was $115,000. He also noted that while some of the equipment could be used for both road and solid waste needs, the cost would be at least $18,000 for four roll-off containers.

"We've got to decide if we want to get a roll-off truck to haul these back and forth to the dump or if we want to buy a roll-off trailer," Malone told the court.

At $78,000 for the roll-off trailer and $20,000 for four dumpsters, Malone said, "you're looking at $100,000 there."

The court eventually moved to lease a tri-axle truck at a cost of $154,000. They also moved to lease a road tractor at a cost of $115,000 and to lease a roll-back truck at a cost of $158,000. The court also moved to authorize the judge executive to spend up to $5,000 each on dumpsters, with Malone quipping that the county "ought to sell advertising on the side" of the garbage containers.

Utilizing the rollback and dumpsters will allow the county to continue their popular clean-up days without incurring the rental cost on handling fees on dumpsters. With their own dumpsters the county will only have to pay tipping fees per load at the landfill.

In other action the county moved to approve claims and transfers, including a $155 transfer from insurance premiums to Kentucky Association of Counties (KACO) to pay claims.

County clerk Mike Johnston also gave the court his quarterly report, which the court moved to accept.

"Everything is pretty well on schedule," Johnston said.

"We're handling a lot more money and passing a lot more out," he added, noting that sales at Pure Country automotive were helping bolster those numbers.

The court moved to table discussion on the use of county property in Grahn for use by school shooting teams as a practice shooting range. There have been inquiries from the public about use of the range by the general public as well; however, the court wasn't sure what the impact would be, if any, on the insurance premiums for the schools if the range were also open to general public use. Malone said that he wouldn't be opposed, and would enjoy using such a public range himself for activities like skeet shooting, but without the county attorney present to provide guidance the court moved to table any further discussion on the shooting range.

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