McClain Dyer discusses changing the date of the Carter County Cleanup.

Carter County Youth Leadership originally planned their Carter County Cleanup Event for April 11, with a rain date of April 18. However after discussing their plans with potential volunteers from Kentucky Christian University, they discovered that they might have better chances of securing help if they moved their date further back.

The date change was one of several issues that the group solicited feedback on during a public meeting last Monday. Other public comments included questions about what areas would be cleaned up and if streams and creeks would be included, how trash collected would be disposed of, and other questions of logistics.

East Carter High School junior McClain Dyer, who lead the meeting, said they expected there to be issues such as these to work out, which is why they organized these meetings, but that with some funding and resource services now secured, volunteers were their biggest need. This is one reason why the youth leadership group now plan to approach both Grayson and Olive Hill city governments to see about moving the event to April 25.

April 11 is the day before Easter, which means that KCU students will be home on Easter break. It might also mean that people traveling to be with family might not be as inclined to get out and work on a Saturday morning before. There was also an issue with the originally proposed rain date of April 18. That evening is West Carter's prom night, which would make getting volunteers from that school more difficult. Dyer said these are issues they will raise when they ask the cities, which so far have been supportive of the group's efforts, for a change of date.

As for the other logistical questions, Alice Hall, with the Army Corps of Engineers, said they were providing dumpsters and some garbage pickers for volunteers working inside the Grayson Lake area. Dyer said that he had spoken with Chris Perry at Carter Caves about using dumpsters there as well. Grayson Sanitation was providing dumpsters within the city limits of Grayson, Dyer added, but he said they hadn't yet secured dumpsters in Olive Hill. He noted he would add that to items to address with the city when they request a date change.

While they have secured donations of supplies and funds to purchase items they need from various sponsors, including a $500 grant from Grayson Tourism, Dyer noted that the group still needs more hand sanitizer and bottled water. He thanked the various sponsors, including Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, for donating reflective vests, so volunteers can be safely seen as they work to clean up the county.

Dyer said the group was working on a Google form for volunteers who visited their Facebook page @cleancartercounty.

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